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Intelligent Autonomous Systems
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ProbCog Toolbox

A toolbox for statistical relational learning and reasoning.


The ProbCog project designs and implements a statistical relational learning and reasoning system that supports efficient learning and inference in relational domains. With the ProbCog Toolbox, we provide an extensive set of open-source tools for both undirected and directed statistical relational models.

Though the ProbCog Toolbox is a general-purpose software suite, it was designed with the particular needs of technical systems in mind. Our methods are geared towards practical applicability and can easily be integrated into other applications. The tools for relational data collection and transformation facilitate data-driven knowledge engineering, and the availability of graphical tools makes both learning or inference sessions a user-friendly experience. Scripting support enables automation, and for easy integration into other applications, we provide a client-server library.

For further details and downloads, please visit the ProbCog Wiki.

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