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Workshop on Understanding Human Everyday Activities

The CoTeSys Graduate Center (GC) within TUM Graduate School cordially invites all PhD Candidates to a workshop on "Understanding Everyday Human Activities" on the 7th and 8th March 2011. Cognition has a direct impact on activities, hence understanding human activities is important not only to understand human cognition and thought process, but also to implement cognitive capabilities like perception, learning and planning etc. in machines.

In this workshop, we focus on methods, tools and techniques to understand human cognition, learning and thought process, and its impact on our behavior and activities. We also aim to target activity analysis using Inside-out Vision, rather than the conventional Outside-in view. Having a combination of both the aspects allows having the first-person perspective in addition to the third-person perspective.

This workshop is a part of our goal to link professionals and researchers from varying domains from neurocognitive and neuro-biological foundations to engineering sciences to discuss the understanding and implementation of human behavior in daily life. We intend this workshop to be a platform for the researchers & professionals in this field to discuss their work, strengths and requirements and explore the possibility of joint ventures by complementing each other. First day comprises of talks from experts of the field and project demonstrations followed by a panel discussion, with second day focusing more on specialized discussions among groups of mutual interest.

Please find the detailed program schedule here: human-activities-schedule.pdf

For registration to the workshop, please go to: http://www.cotesys.de/events/cotesys-graduate-center-workshop.html

How to find us: wegbeschreibung-ccrl2.pdf

A video of the new recordings of the pancake making is available here: http://www9.in.tum.de/~ramirezk/external&gazeFinal.avi


For further queries please contact Karinne Ramírez Amaro - ramirezk@in.tum.de or Dr. Humera Noor Minhas – minha@in.tum.de


Michael Beetz, IAS, TUM

Gordon Cheng, Cognitive Systems, TUM

Thorsten Schubert, Fakultät für Psychologie, LMU

Humera Noor Minha, IAS, TUM

Karinne Ramírez Amaro, IAS, TUM

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