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Intelligent Autonomous Systems
TUM School of Computation, Information and Technology
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Technical University of Munich



RGB-D Workshop on 3D Perception in Robotics

Date and Venue

1PM - 6PM, April 8, 2011, Västerås, Sweden.

Part of the European Robotics Forum 2011 hosted by Robotdalen.



In the past year, novel camera systems like Microsoft's Kinect that provide both color and dense depth images became readily available. There are great expectations that such systems will lead to a boost of new applications in the field of 3D perception which is particularly relevant for robots operating in unstructured environments and under real-world conditions. Research fields that are expected to benefit from RGB-D-based perception include 3D mapping and localization, path planning, navigation, object recognition, people tracking, activity recognition, and human-robot interaction.

The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers from robotics and computer vision to present and discuss current approaches on 3D perception using RGB-D sensors in robotics. The key outcomes of the workshop will be to establish an overview over a) the currently available sensor hardware, b) the state-of-the-art in 3D perception, c) the possible applications in industry, and d) stimulate a discussion of the key challenges and opportunities of RGB-D-based perception in robotics.

Topics and Submissions

We solicit one-page A4 paper abstract submissions, optionally accompanied by a video both of which will be reviewed by the program committee. Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • sensor technology, calibration and data pre-processing,
  • RGB-D interest points and feature descriptors,
  • SLAM and semantic mapping,
  • object recognition and localization,
  • people tracking and activity recognition,
  • navigation,
  • industrial applications.

We would especially like to encourage live demos either during the talks or in a special demo session and plan to foster the discussion between the participants in a plenary discussion.

Submission process is closed, thank you very much for a large amount of excellent submissions.


1:00PM Welcome/Introduction (5min)

1:05PM Invited talk: Richard Newcombe - Live Dense Reconstruction with a Single Moving Camera [ presentation ]

1:35PM Contributed Paper: FAB-MAP 3D: Topological Mapping with Spatial and Visual Appearance (R. Paul and P. Newman) [ 01_rohan.pdf ] [presentation]

1:55PM Contributed Paper: A test bench to improve registration using RGB-D sensors (F. Pomerleau, S. Magnenat, F. Colas, M. Liu, R. Siegwart) [abstract] [presentation]

2:15PM Contributed Paper: Real-time 3D visual SLAM with a hand-held RGB-D camera (N. Engelhard, F. Endres, J. Hess, J. Sturm, W. Burgard) [abstract] [presentation]

2:35PM Contributed Paper: Acting and Interacting in the Real World (J. Bohg, N. Bergstrom, M. Bjorkman, D. Kragic) [abstract] [presentation]

2:55PM Poster/demo overview

3:00PM Coffee break (and poster/demo setup)

3:30PM Demos + Poster session (1h)

  • 2D/3D Object Categorization for Task Based Grasping (M. Madry, D. Song, D. Kragic) [abstract] [poster]
  • The Articulated Scene Model: Model-less Priors for Robot Object Learning (A. Swadzba, N. Beuter, S. Wachsmuth, F. Kummert) [abstract] [poster]
  • Autonomous Corridor Flight of a UAV Using an RGB-D Camera (S. Lange, N. Suenderhauf, P. Neubert, S. Drews, P. Protzel) [abstract] [poster]
  • Outdoor terrain traversability analysis for robot navigation using a time-of-flight camera (G. De Cubber, D. Doroftei, H. Sahli, Y. Baudoin) [abstract] [poster]
  • 2.5D Local Feature Matching System (E. Strachan, J. P. Siebert) [abstract] [poster]
  • Evaluation of 3D Model Accuracy for Automated Unloading of Containers (A. Kirchheim, W. Echelmeyer, T. Stoyanov, A. Louloudi, M. Magnusson, A. Lilienthal) [abstract] [poster]

4.30 Invited talk: Kevin Lai - RGB-D Object Dataset and RGB-D Object Recognition, Detection and Pose Estimation [presentation]

5:00PM Contributed Paper: RGB-D object recognition and localization with clutter and occlusions (F. Tombari, S. Salti, L. Di Stefano) [abstract] [presentation]

5:20PM Contributed Paper: Efficient surface and feature estimation in RGBD (Z.-C. Marton, D. Pangercic, M. Beetz) [abstract] [presentation]

5:40PM Plenum Discussion (20min)

6.00PM End of Workshop

7:00PM Dinner at restaurant

Photos from the Workshop



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The workshop is open for everyone. We would kindly ask you to fill-in the following registration form in order to help us estimate the size of the audience group.


dejan.pangercic (at) cs.tum.edu

sturm (at) informatik.uni-freiburg.de

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