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-test+====== Software and data sets ====== 
 +=== Open-source software packages === 
 +  * [[http://​​wiki/​tum-ros-pkg|ROS stacks and packages]]: Contributions of the IAS Group to the Robot Operating System (ROS) 
 +  * [[software/​probcog|The ProbCog Toolbox for Statistical Relational Learning and Reasoning]]:​ ProbCog designs and implements a software suite for statistical relational learning that is publicly available for download.  
 +=== Public data sets === 
 +  * [[software/​kitchen-activity-data|TUM Kitchen data set]]: A data set of observations of humans performing household tasks, including video, motion capture and RFID.  
 +  * [[software/​semantic-3d|semantic-3d]]:​ The TUM database of 3D household objects acquired using SICK LMS 400 laser and BASLER stereo cameras.  
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