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Prof. Michael Beetz has moved to the University of Bremen in Summer 2012, and parts of the group will follow over the course of the next months. The website of the IAS group in Bremen can be found at

Large-scale projects

  • CoTeSys: Cluster of Excellence on Cognition for Technical Systems
  • RoboHow.Cog: Web-enabled and Experience-based Cognitive Robots that Learn Complex Everyday Manipulation Tasks
  • RoboEarth: A Worldwide Web for Robots
  • SAPHARI: Safe and Autonomous Physical Human-Aware Robot Interaction
  • CogWatch: Cognitive rehabilitation of apraxia and action disorganisation syndrome

Task-level planning and execution

  • CRAM: Cognitive Robot Abstract Machine
  • PARA: Planning for Adaptive Robot Assistance
  • Cogito: Plan-based control of robotic agents

Knowledge processing for robots

Robot manipulation

  • CogMan: Cognitive robot manipulation

Robot perception

  • Cop: Perception system for robots
  • EnvMod: Automated environment modeling
  • PCL: Point Cloud Library

Observation and interpretation of human activities

  • Am-EvA: Framework for analyzing observations of human activities
  • Romeo: Body, hand and object tracking in everyday activities
  • MeMoMan: Marker-less full-body human pose tracking
  • Face-mimic: Analysis of facial expressions
  • Multi joint vision: Real-time distributed computer vision with application to human-robot interaction

Analysis of sports

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