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Robots in the kitchen: Exploiting ubiquitous sensing and actuation (bibtex)
  author    = {Radu Bogdan Rusu and Brian Gerkey and Michael Beetz},
  title     = {{Robots in the kitchen: Exploiting ubiquitous sensing and actuation}},
  journal   = {Robotics and Autonomous Systems Journal (Special Issue on Network Robot Systems)},
  year      = {2008},
  abstract  = {
               Our goal is to develop intelligent service robots that operate in standard
               human environments, automating common tasks.  In pursuit of this goal, we
               follow the ubiquitous robotics paradigm, in which intelligent
               perception and control are combined with ubiquitous computing. By
               exploiting sensors and effectors in its environment, a robot can perform
               more complex tasks without becoming overly complex itself.  Following this
               insight, we have developed a service robot that operates autonomously in a
               sensor-equipped kitchen.  The robot learns from demonstration and performs
               sophisticated tasks in concert with the network of devices in its
               environment.  We report on the design, implementation, and usage of this
               system, which is freely available for use and improvement by others in the
               research community.
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