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Technische Universität München

Department of Computer Science
Informatik 9
Boltzmannstrasse 3
85748 Garching

Fax: +49-89-289-17757



Generalized Pick&Place


Journal Articles and Book Chapters

Artificial Cognition in Production Systems (M. F. Zaeh, W. Roesel, A. Bannat, T. Bautze, M. Beetz, J. Blume, K. Diepold, C. Ertelt, F. Geiger, T. Gmeiner, T. Gyger, A. Knoll, C. Lau, C. Lenz, M. Ostgathe, G. Reinhart, T. Ruehr, A. Schuboe, K. Shea, I. Stork genannt Wersborg, S. Stork, W. Tekouo, F. Wallhoff, M. Wiesbeck), In IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering, volume 7, 2010. [bib]

Other Publications

A Robot that Shops for and Stores Groceries (Dejan Pangercic, Koppany Mathe, Zoltan-Csaba Marton, Lucian Cosmin Goron, Monica-Simona Opris, Martin Schuster, Moritz Tenorth, Dominik Jain, Thomas Ruehr, Michael Beetz), AAAI Video Competition (AIVC 2011), 2011. [bib]
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