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 +   <​memberimage>​http://​​bild/​20111117-160225-395.jpg</​memberimage>​ 
 +=== Videos === 
 +[[http://​​watch?​v=cTCJSNjTdo0|Latest Youtube Video: PR2 James making Popcorn at Automatica 2012]] 
 +=== Research === 
 +==== Generalized Pick&​Place ​ ==== 
 +My research is focused on robotics in the context of AI.  
 +What we call Generalized Pick&​Place is moving arbitrary objects in an everyday kitchen environment,​ where the operation of articulated furniture cabinets is necessay as well as bi-manual grasping.  
 +A part of my work, I am aiming to provide robust approaches for such Pick&​Place actions that improve their robustness and efficiency over time, using e.g. learning techniques and probabilistic models. 
 +For doing so, we also work on the bootstrapping,​ such as opening an unknown cabinet for the first time, modelling its shape etc. and make such information available in a semantic map. 
 +=== Student Projects ​ === 
 +Working mostly on the PR2 platform, I can offer projects in the area of [[http://​|ROS]] or the [[https://​​pages/​pr2/​overview |PR2 robot]] and the [[http://​​|Point Cloud Library]] to ambitious students with or without previous experience. 
 +The PR2 is a very forgiving platform with a well documented set of software packages, including tutorials that can be completed in simulation - meaning we can get students to working on a real full-fledged Personal Robot very quickly. 
 +Apart from the PR2 we just got two [[https://​​turtlebot|Turtlebots]] that will be used mostly for student projects and teaching.
 === Publications === === Publications ===
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