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 ===== Related Publications ===== ===== Related Publications =====
-Some of the datasets were used in this publication:+David Gossow, David Weikersdorfer,​ Michael Beetz{{:​people:​gossow:​icpr12-daft.pdf|Distinctive Texture Features from Perspective-Invariant Keypoints}},​ International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR), 2012
-David Gossow, David Weikersdorfer,​ Michael Beetz: //"​Distinctive Texture Features from Perspective-Invariant Keypoints"​//, International Conference on Pattern Recognition ​(ICPR), 2012+You can download datasets referenced in the publication in one single file[[|daft_datasets.tar.gz]] ​(207 MB)
 You can get the source code of DAFT on github: [[https://​​dgossow/​daft]]. You can get the source code of DAFT on github: [[https://​​dgossow/​daft]].
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