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RGBD Datasets

Each of the following datasets contain a series of RGB and depth images of a planar scene. In each dataset, the camera performs a distinct movement.

The images were captured using a Kinect camera and have a resolution of 1280×960 (the depth images are upscaled). They were generated using the ROS-based rgbd_dataset_gen toolkit.

The data sets are 'downwards compatible' to the image datasets created by Mikolajczyk et. al.

  • David Gossow, David Weikersdorfer, Michael Beetz: “Distinctive Texture Features from Perspective-Invariant Keypoints”, International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR), 2012

Data description

Each directory contains the following files:

  • depth*.pgm: 16-Bit depth images in mm
  • img*.pgm: 8-Bit RGB images
  • mask.pgm: Indicates region of interest in first image
  • H1to*p: 3×3 Homography from image 1 to n
  • K: 3×3 intrinsic camera matrix
  • cam_rotation: rotation around camera axis for all images (except first)
  • vp_rotation: rotation around plane normal
  • vp_angle: angle between camera axis and plane normal (relative to img1)
  • scaling: 2d image scaling relative to first image

The 'Poster' Data Set

Download the full dataset: poster.tar.gz (623 MB)

This scene shows several posters fixed to the ground or wall. It contains the following transformations:

  • camrotate,camrotate45,camrotate60: The camera rotates up to 90° around its view axis, while looking at the posters in a fronto-parallel view or 45°/60° tilted to the side.

  • scale: The camera moves away from the scene, resulting in a scaling effect down to 24%.

  • vpangle, vpangle22, vpangle45: The camera starts at a fronto-parallel view, tilting to the side relative to the plane normal. The optical tilt axis is at 0, 22 and 45 degrees.

  • vprotate35,vprotate40,vprotate45,vprotate55: The camera is at 35°/40°/45°/55° relative to the plane normal and rotates around that normal.

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