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Lucian Cosmin Goron


Technische Universität München

Department of Computer Science
CoTeSys Central Robotics Laboratory
Barerstr. 21, 4. OG
80333 Munich

Tel:  +49-89-289-25768
Mail: goron[at]




  • Probabilistic Model Fitting
  • Reconstruction of Object Models
  • Environmental Perception
  • Segmentation of Cluttered Scenes
  • Recognition of Objects


  • EnvMod: We focus on point cloud based representation and reasoning techniques for building accurate and meaningful 3D maps for mobile robots in both indoor and outdoor environments. One of our main application and deployment scenario is the Assistive Kitchen. However, all our methods were carefully crafted with generality in mind, therefore they have been also successfully applied to outdoor urban, aerial, and underwater datasets.
  • CoP: The project aims at the unification of vision-based sensing in the CoP (Cognitive Perception) in the learning and planning system. On the one hand, CoP manages the interpretation of different kinds of sensors and on the other hand it automatically acquires and maintains the knowledge about the world and objects in the world. CoP selects sensors and sensor interpretation algorithms based on their expected utility. To this end, CoP learns and improves intersensor and inter-algorithmic models for method seleciton from experience. Especially the vision system, the major sensor we use, provides several automatic model improving techniques. Improved models accelerate the perception process and provide more robust results.

The old webpage of our research thread can be found here to get a general impression. We are currently in a transition period, but will upload our latest results as soon as possible. In the mean time feel free to contact us!

Open Source

ROS Mapping Stack

Working on segmentation of object clutter, fitting of models, object classification and semantic mapping of 3D point clouds.

Point Cloud Library (PCL)

Mainly dealing with object reconstruction and segmentation of 3D point clouds.


2012 5th BRICS Research Camp "Mobile Manipulation – All In"

Software developer for porting existing architecture to another robotic platform.

2011 ENS-Lyon Winter School ER 03: Vision and Machine-Learning

Participant with research interests in computer vision.

2010 CoTeSys-ROS Fall School on Cognition-Enabled Mobile Manipulation

Participant and presenter with research interests in perception and point clouds.

2010 IEEE-RAS / IFRR Summer School on Social and Cognitive Robotics

Participant and presenter with research interests in cognitive perception.


Lucian Goron, Zoltan-Csaba Marton, "Modeling and Classification of Grocery Items based on Object Extraction from Cluttered Tabletop Settings," In Pattern Recognition Letters, Special Issue on Depth Image Analysis, 2013. (In submission.)

Lucian Goron, Levente Tamas, "3D Semantic Interpretation for Robot Perception inside Office Environments," In Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, 2013. (In submission.)

Lucian Cosmin Goron, Zoltan-Csaba Marton, Gheorghe Lazea, and Michael Beetz, "Robustly Segmenting Cylindrical and Box-like Objects in Cluttered Scenes using Depth Cameras," In Proceedings of the 7th German Conference on Robotics (ROBOTIK'12), Munich, Germany, 21 – 22 May 2012.

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Lucian Cosmin Goron, Zoltan-Csaba Marton, Gheorghe Lazea, and Michael Beetz, "Automatic Layered 3D Reconstruction of Simplified Object Models for Grasping," In Proceedings of the 41st International Symposium on Robotics (ISR'10), Munich, Germany, 7 – 9 June 2010.

Zoltan-Csaba Marton, Lucian Cosmin Goron, Radu Bogdan Rusu, and Michael Beetz, "Reconstruction and Verification of 3D Object Models for Grasping," In Proceedings of the 14th International Symposium on Robotics Research (ISRR'09), Lucerne, Switzerland, 31 August – 3 September 2009.

Lucian Cosmin Goron, Zoltan-Csaba Marton, Ferenc Balint-Benczedi, and Michael Beetz, "Incremental Modeling and Object Classification based on the Segmentation from Cluttered Settings," In Proceedings of the ISPRS Workshop, Low Cost 3D: Sensors, Algorithms, Applications (LC3D'12), Berlin, Germany, 4 – 5 December 2012.

Lucian Cosmin Goron, Levente Tamas, and Gheorghe Lazea, "Classification within Indoor Environments using 3D Perception," In Proceedings of the 18th IEEE International Conference on Automation, Quality and Testing, Robotics (AQTR'12), Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 24 – 27 May 2012.

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Lucian Cosmin Goron, Levente Tamas, Istvan Reti, and Gheorghe Lazea, "3D Laser Scanning System and 3D Segmentation of Urban Scenes," In Proceedings of the 17th IEEE International Conference on Automation, Quality and Testing, Robotics (AQTR'10), Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 28 – 30 May 2010.

Dejan Pangercic, Mathe Koppany, Zoltan-Csaba Marton, Lucian Cosmin Goron, Monica-Simona Opris, Martin Schuster, Moritz Tenorth, Dominik Jain, Thomas Ruehr, and Michael Beetz, "A Robot that Shops for and Stores Groceries," In AAAI Video Competition (AIVC'11), San Francisco, CA, USA, 7 – 11 August 2011.

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