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 +<​name>​Dr. Nico Blodow</​name>​ 
 +<​title>​Robotics Researcher</​title>​ 
 +<span style="​color:​red;">​ 
 +<​b>​Note:</​b>​ This page is out of date, I am not affiliated with TU Munich anymore. For more up-to-date information,​ please visit <a href="​​in/​blodow">​my LinkedIn profile</​a>,​ with a little luck it's more up to date. 
 +I am currently pursuing a PhD degree at the IAS group at the TU Munich. 
 +My research interest lie in the intersection of real time 3D perception and higher level semantic reasoning, especially in the areas of semantic mapping of indoor environments,​ autonomous exploration and mapping, object recognition and localization,​ object identity resolution, as well as spatial and temporal reasoning. 
 +In the spring of 2011, I had the pleasure of doing a three-month internship at Willow Garage in Palo Alto, CA, USA, to continue my work on the Point Cloud Library ([[http://​|PCL]]). I was working most closely with Radu Rusu, Suat Gedikli and Michael Dixon on porting and developing existing and new PCL functionality on the GPU using CUDA. See my youtube channel for some videos: [[http://​​user/​nicoblodow]]. 
 +From February to April 2009, I was a visiting scholar in the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University and the Personal Robotics group of Intel Labs Pittsburgh, where I was working with Siddartha Srinivasa and his group on 3D perception for personal robots and on the development of the spinning laser scanner on the lab's robot HERB. 
 +I have started my PhD studies in June 2008, however I alreday had close ties to the group during my undergraduate studies in Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering / Mechatronics,​ and wrote my diploma thesis on "​Efficient Detection of Primitive Geometric Shapes in 3D Point Clouds"​ during this time. 
 +====== External Links ====== 
 +Realtime Model-based segmentation and filtering of Robot or World model from Kinect data: [[http://​​blodow/​realtime_urdf_filter]] 
 +WebGL Experiment with animated Regula Falsi fractals: [[http://​​rf/​]]
 === Publications === === Publications ===
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 showbib($options);​ showbib($options);​
 </​php>​ </​php>​
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