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DAFT & RGB-D Texture Feature Evaluation toolkit

These RGBD Datasets can be used to evaluate texture feature detectors & descriptors that use the depth information provided by a Kinect camera.

Parts of it were created for the publication Distinctive Texture Features from Perspective-Invariant Keypoints (implementation at

Interactive Markers (2011)

During my visit to Willow Garage in summer 2011, I developed Interactive Markers, a ROS framework for creating 3D user interfaces that can be accessed by multiple clients over a network connection.

Robbie & Lisa (2008-2010)

At the University of Koblenz, I was lead software developer for the autonomous rescue robot Robbie in 2008 and later lead the effort to create the robotic hardware and software platform Lisa, aimed at home robotics.

Both robots competed in the RoboCup competition, winning the RoboCup Rescue Autonomy Award in 2008 and the RoboCup@Home Innovation Award in 2010.

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